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Meine Bauchgefuehle is a deeply personalized and empathetic approach, focusing on the holistic interconnectedness of body, mind, and heart.

Unlike conventional coaching systems, it emphasizes the importance of tuning into our body's inner wisdom, guiding you to understand and respect your own unique physical, mental, and emotional needs.

You have unique gifts to share with the world and I’m here to help you feel healthy, inspired, and empowered to do so!

By understanding and removing obstacles, and transforming patterns that have been holding you back on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, you are finally able to step into the unique role you came to play on this earth.

Transformation with MEINE BAUCHGEFUEHLE Coaching

Your missing experience on the path to real transformation.

Empower yourself on your path to wellness, happiness and fulfillment with coaching that transcends conventional boundaries, leading you to the best healer in the whole world: Yourself.


The Meine Bauchgefuehle Coaching System teaches you how to tune into and listen to the language of your body and thereby uncover and address the root causes of your pain and struggles, instead of just addressing symptoms on a superficial level. Enabling you to understand and meet your own unique physical, mental, and emotional needs.


As a Holistic Health and Life Coach with a foundation in Psychology, Transformational Nutrition, and Communication, I offer a unique, empathetic partnership to navigate your life's challenges together.

I am committed to guiding you on YOUR journey.

Image by Arijit M

With me, you'll get a safe space to explore your deepest vulnerabilities and integrate your wounded parts. Empowered by a coach who has personally experienced this journey, listens deeply, helps you to heal from within, and walks alongside of you every step of the way.


Experience deep transformation through a blend of professional expertise and genuine, heartfelt connection.


Instead of providing a map, I am empowering you to reconnect to your own inner compass so that you can navigate your path to wellness with confidence, clarity, and compassion.

and you've got all it takes!


Factors, HOLISTIC COACHING looks at

The Meine Bauchgefuehle Coaching Process

Holistic. Root cause oriented. Compassionate and Loving.

The coaching process starts with the decision of WANTING to change and being WILLING to dive deep into whatever needs to be looked at – including hidden and uncomfortable aspects.

  • Identifying and admitting to where you are and what the problem/ challenge is

  • ​Uncovering the root causes that led you there with the unique Meine Bauchgefuehle ‘Root cause uncovering process’

  • Holistically addressing and resolving the root cause(s) on all levels

  • Creating the vision of the truly desired state

  • Identifying and resolving any resistance and blockages to that new state

  • Taking inspired action with support and accountability

Why coaching with me is unique...

I get you, and I help you get yourself.

My journey hasn’t been easy. I experienced over 15 years of pain, chronic diseases, depression, anxiety – you name it… This frustrating odyssey led me to deeply researching everything I could find about true transformation and healing.


After many years of diving deep into the heart of pain, I followed my calling and became a Holistic Health and Life Coach. Now, I’m on a mission to support and inspire freedom-seeking people like you to reconnect to their inner voice and create a loving relationship with themselves, so that they finally feel healthy and free to create the life they came here for.


My enthusiastic, motivated, deeply compassionate and empathetic nature is at the heart of all my work.

What you get with me as your coach:

  • A safe space to open up and share things you don’t feel comfortable sharing anywhere else yet

  • Being seen and listened to without judgement

  • Someone who relates to your pain and is not overwhelmed with your situation, due to her own past struggles

  • A unique blend of deep knowledge, personal experience, and profound empathy

  • Support on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic/spiritual level

  • A deeper understanding about the root causes of your struggles, how they are connected and how to go about resolving them

  • Tools and techniques to understand and support yourself

  • Highly activating energy, motivation, inspiration, and positive focus

  • It is my gift to really attune to and feel into you, joining you in your experience, while also holding space for objective observation and intuitive guidance

  • Experiencing the missing pieces and experiences and integrating them

  • Connection on a human, rather than a superficial professional level

  • Someone who believes in you, even if you don’t, yet…

Ready for Coaching?!


Book your appointment here and let's get started.


Coaching also available in German (please contact me here)

Inspiring Success Stories

My clients get great results! They share some of their experiences here:

Image by Khadeeja Yasser

Before starting coaching with Marina, I didn't exactly know with what kind of problem I'm turning to her with. I didn’t really have a clear destination, but was rather in a state of learning... I knew I was stuck with some things that needed to be solved. And also, that I needed someone to guide me through some processes to help me find a way out of old unhealthy patterns... 


When I met Marina, I knew from the very first moment that she's the one I want to work with. I saw the energy she holds and how she's able to give out so much good vibes to others. It totally blew my mind! Definitely a WOW moment!


The decision was made within these few seconds... and within the next weeks I was able to meet and do coaching with her. She really gave me 100% of her time and commitment, to work out what specifically were the traumas, we need to attend to and the processes she's going to use... She customized all her tools just to work with me and it was just an amazing experience to feel her full presence within all of our sessions. 

She figured out the root of my trauma really fast (I didn't see it myself) and after working with her through some processes I have definitely been transformed and am moving forward with a much different worldview and new sense of myself.


I’m really grateful, and consider myself happy to have met such amazing person like Marina! It is an experience by itself, to have someone who’s capable to connect the way Marina does.

Roland Testimonial Meine Bauchgefuehle

Roland R., Estonia


Some great partners and companies that I've worked with

Terra Elements
Greenestyle Munich

Bravely facing the waves and diving deep

reveals the hidden treasures inside.



In order to live a healthy life and feel good, you need a combination of self-responsibility and loving, competent, external support.


Coaching aims at building a loving relationship with yourself, being able to hear your inner voice again and bravely following it.


In this way, we can give ourselves what we need on all levels in order to feel good and live the authentic, healthy, happy life that we really want.

MB Coaching Modell engl.png

More about the components of the model:

Image by Jernej Graj

Mental & psychological factors:

  • ​Learning one's own role in building and maintaining wellbeing

  • Establish an awareness for a healthier lifestyle

  • Recognizing limiting beliefs and patterns and releasing them

  • Integrating healthy routines into day-to-day life

  • Recognizing the role of thoughts/mindset

  • Reaching your goals

  • Saving time with structured planning and prioritizing

Your next steps

What happens next?! Here are your next steps to coaching:


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Coaching Paket

Our 1. Coaching: Where are you & where do you want to go? Let's map it out

Erstes MB Coaching

Start your transformative journey - supported by me on every step you take

Transformative Reise

Are you speaking the language of your body?

Meine Bauchgefuehle Nahrung für Kopf Herz  und Bauch
Meine Bauchgefühle Mahlzeitenplanung

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