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When we re-connect to and understand our inner voice,
we’ve found the
to transforming the pain in our lives.


Holistic Health & Life Coaching

Marina Becker

You can reach out to me here:

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Information and Planning

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Appointments by arrangement.

You work long hours? By request, appointments are also possible on the weekend.

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If you are a student or have low income, you can reach out to me for discounts. 

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Individual arrangement.

Online, by phone, and in person (outside of Munich by arrangement).

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Energy exchange

The costs are not covered by health insurance. Coaching is a private investment in your own wellbeing.

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Das Coaching ist auch in Deutsch möglich.

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HEALING doesn't happen in isolation,

but in a supportive and safe container.


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So far, ebooks are only available in German.

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Exploring further and diving deeper...

Motivational Quotes and Thoughts for Daily Inspiration

Gotten curious?!

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Coaching also available in German.

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