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True freedom and wellness come from understanding and aligning our body, mind, and heart.

Learn how to understand your body's language

Meine Bauchgefuehle Nahrung für Kopf Herz und Bauch
Meine Bauchgefühle Mahlzeitenplanung

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Did you know, that EVERYTHING is connected?!

This is why  Healing* – which means becoming whole again – can only happen (w)holistically, addressing every area of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


This approach, however, is not commonly used yet….


With Meine Bauchgefuehle you'll learn to understand yourself, your patterns, their roots, as well as the signals, that your body is sending you in the form of symptoms, so that you can lovingly reconnect with, and integrate all of you – body, mind and heart – and feel whole again.

Image by Ian Schneider

Holistic Health AND Life Coaching

For me, health and life coaching cannot be separated. To live a healthy, happy, fulfilled life we have to look at all areas of your life, like work, relationships, environment, as well as lifestyle, and take care of our health on all levels.


My work is inspired by the incredible work of luminaries and leaders like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Eileen McKusick und most especially, Teal Swan.


Other amazing role models and teachers, whose work and stories immensely influenced and impacted my life and work, are Gregg Braden, Cynthia Garcia, John und Ocean Robbins of the Food Revolution Network, Kim Anami, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Donna Eden, Dr. Barre Lando, Sayer Ji, Lynne McTaggart, Kelly Brogan, Raik Garve and countless other national and international experts in the field of holistic health, personal development and spirituality.


MB Konzept Schaubild


A holistic, personalized and deeply compassionate approach to wellbeing that is rooted in the Art of Loving Transformation. Helping us to reconnect to our inner voice and thereby empowering us to create a healthy, loving relationship with our whole selves – body, mind, and heart.

Am Strand spazierengehen

Listening to your body's language

reveals, which next steps to take.



1 - Everything is possible

There is so much knowledge and wisdom out there, that is not yet shared far and wide. When you learn, that something is possible, it becomes possible for you as well. Never give up hope!

2 - Our bodies are never against us

No matter how it seems and what they do, our bodies are not our enemies, but our biggest allies. Instead of fighting against them, we need to establish a loving relationship to them.

3 – Our health is not shaped by our genes, but by our minds

The field of Epigenetics has shown that our minds and perceptions determine how genes are being expressed. They don’t randomly turn on or off by themselves. 

4 - You are not broken! You experienced traumas!

Unresolved stress leaves an imprint in the organism, influencing the progression of the whole system. How you feel is a normal reaction to stressful events and experiences.

5 - Symptoms are a cry for help and their root cause needs to be understood

Symptoms are our body’s way of telling us about problems that are happening on different levels. To resolve them, their root cause(s) has to be uncovered and addressed.

6 - Our inner voice knows the way

The answers we’re looking for are already there – inside of us.

Nobody knows our body better than we do.

We can learn to hear, understand, and follow our inner knowing again.

boy singing on microphone with pop filter_edited.jpg

7 - Our bodies know how to heal and we can help

Nobody but our own body can heal itself. Its innate wisdom knows what to do. Rather than standing in the way, we can learn to support its innate processes of healing and regeneration.

Weißer Sand und Stein

8 – Healing only happens holistically

EVERYTHING is connected and therefore influences each other. Healing only happens when all layers are addressed – body, mind, and emotions.

Sand verschütten

9 - Missing experiences want to be experienced

In order for certain aspects to develop and be integrated, we need to facilitate the experiencing of what we’ve missed.

10 - You are the boss. Make YOUR choice.

Don’t accept anything, just because it’s ‘just the way it is’. Only after researching, questioning, talking to different experts as well as to your own inner wisdom, you can choose what's right for YOU.

Image by Marten Bjork

11 – Everybody needs and deserves support

Taking our wellbeing into our own hands doesn’t mean going about it alone. We need information, support, inspiration and loving guidance from others.

Mädchen Party

12 – There are no taboos

True transformation happens in a safe container where we can talk about absolutely everything. We need trust, TRUE caring, and intimacy in order to go deep. NO topic is off limit.

Image by Alex Shute

gets us to Wholeness.


The Meine Bauchgefuehle VALUES


Holistic Healing

Loving Transformation

Connection and Communication

Compassion and Understanding

Personalized Approach

Freedom and Choice



Everything on Meine Bauchgefuehle is available in both English and German. The Art of Transformation plays with the word ART in both languages. The art as well as the way/approach (German Art) to do something.
Transformation by definition means changing the form of something into another form. Where most people get transformation wrong however, is: The desire to transform does not imply that it has to happen because the first version sucks, is bad or inferior, but rather because you’d like see (or be more like) the one you are envisioning instead.
Real transformation is an artform. It happens when we approach it in a specific way – driven by a loving rather than self-hating motivation.
I call this way: LOVING Transformation.

Art of Transformation (1).png


It is OUR CHOICE, what we want to create and transform into!


With compassion and purpose, we can change something into its most loving form – the form of integration and wholeness. And doing so in the most loving way possible: considering ALL aspects of our being – body, mind, and emotions.


The approach of LOVING TRANSFORMATION combines the two meanings of this statement:  

1) Loving the process of transformation

2) A loving kind of transformation

More about this coming soon

to transform your whole life.


More context about MEINE BAUCHGEFUEHLE

The next two segments are only available in German so far.
English version coming up soon!

Lange ging die Wissenschaft davon aus, dass unser Gehirn DAS Steuerungsorgan des Körpers ist, das alle Organe und Prozesse des Körpers kontrolliert. Seit einiger Zeit weiß die Forschung jedoch, dass es nicht nur das eine Gehirn (in unserem Kopf), sondern mindestens drei Gehirne in unserem Körper gibt. Unser Kopf-Gehirn wird viel stärker durch andere Organe beeinflusst als bisher angenommen.


Viele haben schon davon gehört, dass der Darm als das zweite Gehirn bezeichnet wird und ein eigenes Nervensystem mit 100 Millionen Nervenzellen besitzt. Aber eine relativ neue wissenschaftliche Erkenntnis ist, dass es mindestens noch ein drittes Gehirn in unserem Körper gibt. Anfang der 1990iger Jahre haben Dr. J. Andrew Armour und Dr. Jeffrey L. Ardell 40.000 Neuronen im Herzen entdeckt. Sie nannten diese das „kleine Gehirn“ im Herzen, welches seitdem als eigenständiges Gehirn angesehen wird.

Die Drei Gehirne Meine Bauchgefühle

Diese Entdeckung und weitere aktuelle Forschungserkenntnisse zeigen, auf welch faszinierende – und unerwartete – Weise die Drei Gehirne sich gegenseitig beeinflussen. Dies stellt unser altes Verständnis über die Verbindung zwischen Gehirn, Darm und Herz vollkommen „auf den Kopf“. Was hat es mit den Drei Gehirnen auf sich und welche Beziehung besteht zwischen dem ersten (Kopf), zweiten (Bauch) und dritten (Herz) Gehirn?

Wissen & Macht

Wir wissen nichts, was wir nicht wissen.

Und wir wissen gar nicht, wie viel wir nicht wissen.

Unser Wissen bestimmt unsere Perspektive. Je mehr wir wissen, desto mehr Möglichkeiten haben wir. Oft wird gesagt: „Wissen ist Macht.“ Aber etwas zu wissen und es nicht zu tun ist quasi gleichbedeutend damit, es nicht zu wissen. Denn, wenn wir keine gesunden Entscheidungen treffen, ist es egal, wie viel wir theoretisch wissen.

Wissen ist nur Macht, wenn man was man weiß auch macht.

An diesem Punkt stellt sich dann die Frage: Wieso tun wir viele Sachen nicht, obwohl wir wissen, dass sie uns guttun würden? Im Internet-Zeitalter ist es nicht das fehlende Wissen oder Zugang zu relevanten Informationen, das uns aufhält, sondern vielmehr die Frage, wie wir mit der Masse an Informationen umgehen. 

Wissen ist nur Macht Meine Bauchgefuehle
Kopf + Herz + Bauch Meine Bauchgefuehle

Wissen allein reicht nicht aus. Wir brauchen darüber hinaus ein Verständnis davon, wie wir das Wissen umsetzen können. Außerdem ist es hilfreich, wenn wir wissen, warum es sinnvoll ist, etwas zu tun. Wissen ist also nur Macht, wenn man was man weiß auch macht – und es macht, weil man weiß, warum und wie man es macht.

Bei Meine Bauchgefühle geht es daher nicht nur um den Körper

oder nur um Gedanken und Mindset oder nur um Emotionen.

Es geht um die Erkenntnis, dass alles zusammenhängt

und sich gegenseitig beeinflusst.

Ein ganzheitlicher Ansatz, der den gesamten Körper physiologisch, psychisch, mental, emotional und spirituell miteinander verbindet, ist daher absolut fundamental, um Gesundheit zu fördern und Krankheiten zu vermeiden. Genau wie ein dreibeiniger Stuhl nicht stehen und seine „Aufgabe“ nicht erfüllen kann, wenn ihm ein Bein fehlt, können wir nicht optimal funktionieren, wenn eines unserer „Drei Gehirne“ (s. o.) aus der Balance geraten ist.

Bravely questioning the Status Quo and turning it on its head

You will notice that a lot of what you read on sounds controversial and sometimes even is the opposite of what you usually hear. But if we want to change and improve something and can't find the answers in the “known,” we have to question the status quo and go beyond the mainstream narrative.
Studies show that it takes 17 years for scientifically proven findings to be applied in practice, i.e. for us to experience and benefit from them. [1, 2] Not everyone has the time and necessary expertise to regularly read scientific literature in order to keep up to date. That's why I want to share information in my coaching practice as well as in my blog, that is based on the latest research findings, so that we can apply and implement the knowledge today. I hope to thereby shorten the 17 years, so that we don't have to wait years for something that might help us now.
Maybe that still sounds a bit vague or strange to you. It's also not about throwing out your beliefs overnight. The most important step is to be open to new, scientifically proven and revolutionary ideas.
If you think it doesn't make sense and won't work, it probably won’t. But if you think it's worth a try, you are tapped into the potential to achieve the changes you want to see.

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